Consciousness and Awareness

Were is your focus on making money or having fun and at the same time making money on a natural way. What is more important the deal of meeting people from all around the world, who are representing different cultures and belief systems.

I always love to meet new people and learn from them and at the same time doing business in a transparent manner.

I see the business part as a learning path for all my being. I have a great understanding of all the cultures around the world and treat them with my fullest respect.

I am not looking for the the lowest price for products in my dealing, but a fair price so that all parties involved can make some money.

I love to coach people and let them see world view in the broadest sense of the word. I have a separate website where i have my healing, consciousness and awareness and try in this manner to teach people that there is more on this earth than just the financial gains to be made.

What is the focus of your dealings, do we respect the earth and all the materials she is giving us to make products, or are we just going for our own success and do not care about the environment and the the living standards of people around the world.

The picture, which is not mine but from an organisation called the Bridge to Consciousness represent clearly what we have to do, being in balance with ourselves but also with the earth. What are we leaving behind for the children and our successors. Do they enjoy a life which we have or are we polluting the environment with our dealings and giving them a planet which is nearly dying.

The life questions are fascinating and I have the opportunity to bring this is my dealings all around the world.

My website is

The website of Bridge to Consciousness is and

Please visit these websites and wonder what you can do to make the world a place for the children now and in the future.

Leave a legacy for them, the children, who are the future and are the ones who are affected by our current dealings, so wonder sometimes what is better to make fast money or make money and make sure that your business partners and their families and the environment are also taken into account.

Together we can make the world a better place now and in the future.